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Jason Duflo 

I was first introduced to cornhole in 2006 during a backyard cookout prior to an evening softball game. I quickly fell in the love with the game and decided to build a couple sets of boards, one for myself and one for a friend that was there. Soon word got out, and I began getting requests to build more. Soon the requests became so great, I made the decision to quit my day job and pursue manufacturing and selling boards and bags. I was introduced to Joe Lober from Moments in Time DJ services at a cornhole tournament in Grand Rapids. Joe had attended a cornhole tournament in Chicago and brought the concept back to Michigan. Very soon after, I took over the local events and have been running leagues, tournaments, and fundraisers since. I now operate Cornhole America in a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Cedar Springs, MI, and Beer City cornhole leagues. I have enjoyed helping grow the game here in Michigan. I am excited about the opportunity to work with other directors with the same passion. In 2018 I started a Facebook group called Cornhole tournaments in Michigan which allows other directors to post their events so that it is easier for players to find events in Michigan easier. That group has quickly grown to almost 2000 avid players here in Michigan. One of the surprises along the way is how many new friends I have gained from this game. The cornhole community is like a family, and players truly become “addicted” not only to playing but to socializing, traveling, and truly getting to know other players.

Jeff Burel

The summer of 2017 I threw my first bags and wish I would have started sooner! I watched friends play for a couple years before I joined them.  When I started playing, I quickly wanted to play in events. I would see pictures of people at events on Facebook but did not know how they found these events. I am a tech guy; I am part owner and work full time for CatchMark Technologies in West Michigan. I leveraged my tech skills to find events and wanted to share them with others. I started West Michigan Cornhole on Facebook. At the beginning it was just to share events but soon people started asking me to run events for them.  I tried my best but looking back had a lot to learn.  I attended an event hosted by Cornhole America. At this event I met Jason Duflo.  We connected right away and have worked together since promoting and growing the game in West Michigan. Jason did not need my help, but he was an open book because he knew we had the same passion…growing the game of Cornhole!  We worked together and during the pandemic of 2020 while not being able to run events we talked about many different ideas, one of those being the MCL.  We talked with the Texas Cornhole League (TCL) and they welcomed us with open arms.  We saw what they have done in Texas and decided to move ahead with starting the MCL. I am very passionate about growing this game. I enjoy playing, but have more fun running events, especially the social events. Seeing people having fun with a drink in their hand is a great feeling! I have built many friendships from this game that will last a lifetime. Providing a platform for others to do the same is what it is about for me!

Joe Clair

I have been playing this amazing game of Cornhole for since 2006. Like most people I started in backyard BBQs with a beer in one hand a bag in the other. The moment I played my first game I was hooked. I then started to gather all my friends almost every night of the week and through the weekends. Missing those high school sports days, we all loved having competition back in our lives. Before I knew it, we had the backyards packed every night with people partying and throwing bags. The summer came to an end but we all wanted to still keep playing. We were addicted! So, I decided to search for a bar/restaurant where we could play and keep the good times rolling during the colder months. Finally, after looking at 29 bars that didn’t have the space to play cornhole it was lucky 30 where I found my first indoor venue. Everyone I knew piled in and we started our first indoor league. My company Michigan Cornhole was born in 2008 and many wonderful years later here we are. I have always loved bringing people together for good times and to GET WEIRD! I met my wife in one of my leagues and now we have a beautiful daughter. Cornhole has given me an amazing family, friends and so many great times. What the MCL is doing is putting the game back into the sport and that is going to be so much fun. I cannot wait for all the great times and memories that are going to be created with this league. There will be no player left behind. LET’S GET WEIRD!

Joe McClure - "Cornhole Joe"

I have been playing cornhole for about 10 years with my buddies and family. Everyone always told me how good I was when playing in the backyard. It wasn't until I signed up for my first tournament when I was humbled very quickly by some shooters. This kicked my love and passion for the game into overdrive. Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to start playing in more tournaments and actually try to get better. That my friends is where I met the coolest people. The reason i'm so into cornhole is that it is like a 2nd family to me. We have each others backs. 2020 I got an opportunity of a lifetime when Jason Duflo just needed some help at Cornhole America. Since than cornhole has become my life. I love to not only play but run events and build boards. I can not wait to see you all on the boards!!!

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